Audio Post Production

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At Baxter Sound, we offer professional audio post production services with the flexibility of working remotely via collaboration, or in studio with you. With the ever-changing creative and post production industries, we strive to make our services flexible and affordable, while still creating high end professional audio post production for our clients.

With over 3 decades of experience in audio post production, senior sound designer and creative director, Paul Baxter, is a perfectionist in creating highly realistic soundscapes and immersive sound design. He has a keen understanding of dramatic tension and comedic timing, resulting in effective communications that have earned him many local and international awards.

Paul’s experience lies in audio post production & sound design for radio, television and online advertising, sonic branding, short films, animation, corporate videos, documentaries, multimedia, series, drama, sports programs and audio restoration.

Our assistant audio engineer, Daniel Pusetic, was born with a passion for filmmaking, and started honing his skills as an audio engineer long before he realised there was such a thing as an audio engineer. He is highly skilled in recording, mixing and mastering music, and has an excellent ear for sound design.