Keep Inventing!

Keep inventing!

How do you keep yourself from going dry as a voice artist?

Keep inventing!

By Jannes Eiselen

Too many voice artists start to get complacent and start to rely and rely heavily on their ‘signature sound’. They stop inventing and fall into the rut of been there, done that. They start to take their success for granted. They forget that someone younger, fresher and more relented can replace them in an instant.

For some voice artists this can be a hard pill to swallow – but it’s happened before and it will keep happening. This industry is unforgiving: more so than most – screw up once too many times and you’re out like last week’s leftovers. Your resume won’t land you a job in the world of voice – only your talent can. Become clichéd, hackneyed or unimaginative and you will fall on hard times. Nobody is immune to being relegated… not in this game!

Luckily if you play your cards just right, this industry will treat you like gold.

The best way to stay at the top is simply to stay there. Don’t give your clients cause to doubt your professionalism or your voice talent. Get the basics right and keep getting them right. Simple. The industry loves a pro.

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Posted in memory of Jannes Eiselen
(21 September 1980 – 23 September 2016)