Memorable Advertising

Associating humour with a brand or product can leave a lasting impression.

Memorable Advertising.

Advertising is most effective when audiences can relate or respond to it personally and emotionally. Oftentimes, the things that are most memorable to us are the things that make us laugh. This is why many of the most famous and memorable advertisements are the ones that appeal to the audience’s sense of humour, especially when the advertisements can function as a standalone piece of entertainment. This allows them to become viral and transcend the geographical boundaries of where they are originally broadcasted and distributed.

It all begins with the idea and the script. A good idea, a well-written script, appropriate talent, voice casting, and well executed audio post production, set the framework for the content to come together at the end of the production process. The most memorable advertisements that use humour are those that work as a standalone piece of media, not relying on direct association with the brand or product.

The now well-known Dare Iced Coffee ad, “Callum Murray”, does not have any direct relevance to the product being advertised. Instead, it appeals to the audiences’ sense of humour with an original and quirky idea.

Associating humour with a brand or product can leave a lasting impression that stays with audiences. It can turn the ordinary or mundane into something memorable.

Take these radio ads for Geronimo Condoms. Instead of going with the obvious sexualised approach, the creators use the voice talent to deliver, in a very dry tone, a description of something awkward and uncomfortable.

Memorable Advertising

The use of dry or provocative humour can be very effective at catching the audience’s attention. In this instance especially, the advertisement is targeted towards adults, which is why the almost vulgar approach to humour is so effective at evoking a response in listeners.

Working with the production of advertisements and media content, it is crucial that we have a good eye and ear for what appeals to audiences. Understanding what makes something funny is essential to creating content that is attention-grabbing and ultimately, memorable.