Two Stories, One Script.

Two Stories, One Script.

Nothing paints a picture quite like sound!

Two Stories. One Script.

When recording and mixing a script for on-screen or radio, the use of sound gives it the emotion and strengthens the story, bringing it to life.

The power of sound can change a story depending on what sound design and music is incorporated in the mix. Take this radio example for instance, which is a script recorded and then mixed with two different sound tracks. The story changes completely, even though the script and performance are exactly the same.

Radio Active – Sad Day

Share your ideas and scripts with the sound designer early on in the creative process. We have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to voice casting, we know what treatments and techniques are needed to achieve what you are looking for in the sound track, we’ll help you choose the right music and will create the sound design that works best for your idea, so you tell the story you intended to.

By Paul Baxter

Example: Radio commercial for Radio Active.